Nearshoring is a form of IT outsourcing. Contrary to typical outsourcing (offshoring), a client and a service provider are located close to each other.The most important advantage of this model is the proximity - both spatial and cultural. The physical proximity allows for organizing efficient meetings. A time zone and distance do not limit us. 

Scope of IT outsourcing services:

My-Shore 24/7 Service Desk

Our service desk is a single point of contact for the end user, available on 24/7 basis, with high-class technological facilities. The task of the Service Desk is to accept tickets, solve them (if possible at the point of first contact) and escalate to the next lines of support, both internal and external (supplier links, producers), and to monitor the status of the ticket, register the response time and eliminate failures in the ticket system.


Services with the use of advanced information infrastructure Savings resulting from optimization of spending and reduction of operational costs (costs associated with training, leave for employees) The guarantee of uninterrupted access to resources based on SLA (Service Level Agreement) Ability to focus companies on the execution of their business objectives, leaving the technology matters in the hands of experienced professionals The transfer of the risks associated with failure-free operation of the systems to the service provider Reduction of the risk of making wrong decisions in the field of IT investments.