With My-Shore you can build and buy your own offshore development team in Poland, PORTUGAL and REST OF THE WORLD!

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How do we work?
My-Shore manages the client and your project for 12 to 36 months. After this time we will transfer ownership to you: after the operational phase you have the possibility to purchase the team in a transparent and simple way. Become the owner of European development team and continue your projects or start working on a new one!
Why our offer is perfect for you?
We cooperate with the IT sector and we guarantee the highest quality services. We serve as a subcontractor in the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model. We supply tailor-made solutions for your company. Take advantage of the expertise of our consultants. Our team will make your team work like clockwork. Want to learn more? Contact us! This is the safest, most reliable and least expensive option for creating your own development team. We are able to set up a BOT process specially for you in a very short time.
Are you missing easily accessible and experienced staff, do you have a difficulty in finding qualified IT professionals? You are in the right place! If the answer to most of these points is yes, you need us!
  1. You want a shortage of readily-available and experienced IT profiles?
  2. Difficulty finding qualified IT experts in the fields of embedded systems, mobile development, and cloud computing?
  3. An expensive and drawn out recruitment process?
  4. Difficulty in staffing your projects?
  5. High turnover?
  6. Problems with team flexibility?
  7. Unoptimized production costs?
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