Create your unit in Europe

Team of professionals dedicated to your IT projects.

Full control over your project

My-Shore will allow you to enter the IT world. Offshore and nearshore IT outsourcing through simple and transparent selection of candidates offers you access to IT services. We are recruiting for you a team, we build it, we manage it and then transfer ownership to you! The team will be consistent, experienced team, eager to take on any challenge you throw at it. Based on the Build - Operate - Transfer agreement, we will help you create an IT unit in Poland, Portugal and other European countries. This is a very popular solution that provides security and meets the demand for IT services. Whether you use Teams outsourced or it is your first experience, the My-Shore proposal is right for you. Our business model allows you to select and make IT recruitment faster and easier. In a few weeks, we will help you with our partner Madiff and IT recruiting professionals find a team dedicated solely to your needs and IT projects.
We will show you the profiles that we chose for you, without risk, just before the purchase of the team, you will have a full control over the project from the beginning:
  • administrative management
  • recruitment of IT profiles
  • accounting
  • lease
  • equipment, furniture, etc.
My-Shore helps you develop any type of project for your clients:
  • Information Systems
  • Embedded System
  • Mobility
  • Infrastructure and more
The moment you make the decision to purchase your development team, we will complete the transfer process according to the initial conditions agreed upon and in full transparency. Even after the transfer phase, My-Shore can continue with the administrative management of your unit (recruitment, accounting, etc.) if you choose.