We adapt to the processes, methodologies and tools used by our clients.

My-Shore is a place where you can find professionals who fit you and your business profile. We are flexible, we adapt to the customers profile. We keep up with the latest trends, we are constantly developing, we use the latest and the best technology. Our goal is to provide you the best candidates who will perform your projects with the highest quality, precision, on time, according to your budget. 
In My-Shore you have the assurance that we will take care of:
  • several solutions to fill a gap,
  • solution architecture,
  • a stack of technologies,
  • an appropriate team,
  • a project management,
  • a methodology,
  • the right tools,
  • quality processes,
  • KPIs.
The above-mentioned qualities create a profile of a well-functioning IT company that achieves its goals and offers the best solutions to its customers. MyShore is a company that helps to achieve synergy between the customer and the IT team. We customize your IT processes, methodologies, tools for you and your company, by choosing the best employees for you. This reduces costs and increases the efficiency of your business. 
Thanks to us you will create a strong team! Just:
  • Search for the best candidates that fit your needs
  • Coach and mentor the team
  • Build the team into one cohesive unit
  • Act as a “local eye” and mediator
  • Overall,
My-Shore will help make sure that you and your BOT custom software development team are on the same wavelength when it comes to: 
- Human relations 
- Functional (operational) policies
- Technical decisions. 
My-Shore will help you make sure that you and your team develop the best solution for you. We give you the opportunity to buy a team, transferring your ownership to you, creating a win-win situation for all the parties involved.