The final stage of the contract

The transfer option in the Build > Operate > Transfer business model used by MyShore gives you the option to purchase your very own nearshore or offshore IT development unit in Poland, Portugal and other European countries. My-Shore guarantees full transparency throughout the entire BOT process and you will always be aware of the transfer price, conditions, etc. even before we begin the build phase. 

What does the transfer process consist of?
In the beginning of our collaboration, during the build phase, My-Shore will set up a development team that exists as its own entity. See some of our IT developer’s profiles. When it comes time for the transfer phase, we will transfer ownership of the development team to you in a simple and transparent process. The process just consists of My-Shore selling you the legal entity (development team) that has been working on your projects for a year or more.
The transfer phase is:
• 100% compliant with the legal requirements of your country and the outsourcing country.
• Results in our clients owning a 100% operational team as well as all the equipment, leases, and other assets that go with it.
If after the transfer you still want assistance with administrative, accounting, recruiting, or other services related to your outsourced team, My-Shore can continue to assist you or even point you to a third party. Management of an offshore IT unit following BOT
You can do whatever you want with your offshore or nearshore team once the BOT process is complete, it is your team to operate as you wish.
For example, you can choose to:
• send your own personnel to the outsourced team as expatriates
• bring team members from the outsourced team to you home offices 
• continue with My-Shore’s management services.
From the very beginning of a BOT (Build Operate Transfer) contract you can ask My-Shore to identify key persons and ensure that they receive management training even before the transfer is complete.